As a mom and a professional consultant in a Minneapolis MN Law Firm, I am subject to a lot of stress at home and in the office. But working in a Minneapolis Law Firm really adds up too much stress everyday, especially after a client’s appointment. Through the years, I have some ways on how to relieve myself of stress without anyone's help. I am a candle collector, so I have a lot of candles to light whenever I want to feel relaxed. The flicker of the candlelight and its scent soothes my senses. I also like wearing clothes that are very comfortable. In the kitchen, I try to breathe in every scent that is present. For example, when I am opening a can of tuna, I try to smell its scent and feel its texture in my hands. I also try to feel the weight of the ingredients like the garlic, onions and even fruits. I am very much into details and I enjoy being in the kitchen.

Whenever my kids are losing control at home, I just breathe in the scent of my favorite lotion so I can relax and talk to them with a soothing tone. I don't like talking to my kids whenever I feel angry because they're noisy or unruly. I make sure that my heart and mind are ready whenever I need to tell them something important because I know that they will feel it when I am angry. After a long day’s work, I sometimes have a hard time sleeping because of stress. I use my iPhone to play white noise or relaxing sounds from nature.



07/17/2012 11:53pm

To spend quality time with friends and family is important and yes candle light dinner is best option.

09/03/2012 10:38pm

All contents were expressed in a clear n simplified manner n it was meaningful too. You are a marvelous writer. Good work!


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